Novell Data Recovery

Recover Data for Novell

Recover Data for Novell is desiged with secure and latest recovery procedures to recover data rom crashed or corrupt NWFS based drives of Novell Netware Server and Clients. You can easily recover any lost, deleted or inaccessible data from any volume using this recovery software.


NSS Data Recovery

Recover Data for NSS

Awarded as one of the best recovery tool, Recover Data for NSS recovers data from damaged volumes where NSS file system based OS is used. It recovers and allows you to save your data to another drive after cases of deleted files, missing volumes, corrupt volumes, allocation errors and so.


Novell Recovery Software For Novell Netware, NWFS, Net 386 and Novell NSS

Advanced Recover Data Tool for Novell Netware, NWFS, NET 386, Novell NSS is a comprehensive recovery tool that recovers inaccessible data lost due to virus infection, hardware glitches, software malfunction and accidental deletion. Designed with advanced scanning techniques, the software quickly recovers your precious data and performs selective file recovery. Featured with quick and reliable recovery, the software allows users to locate missing or corrupted files efficiently.


Novell Recovery Software For Novell Netware, NWFS, Net 386 and Novell NSS

Recovers Novell Data from NWFS, Net386 and NSS Partitions

Novell NSS is a journaling file system that helps in setting up of shared volumes on LAN server. All the structured data is arranged using balanced tree algorithm on a volume that has been formatted with NSS. Novell File System volume is very robust and has features that help prevent data loss. Well, with every operating system, data loss has become a common problem due to which  the entire volume gets corrupted. In order to resolve any kind of file system corruption issues, Novell Data Recovery applications play a vital role.

At Recover Data Tools, we have designed Novell Recovery Software which recovers all files and directories corrupted, damaged or deleted in Novell, NWFS, Net 386 or NSS volumes. Our recovery applications are featured with the latest recovery modes to help users again access their important files lost due to operating system malfunction, corruption of meta data structure, inappropriate system shut down and so on.

Devised with advanced technology, our recovery applications can easily retrieve data from any storage device like USB, smart card, memory card, flash drive and many others. These applications completely scans the corrupted disks and volumes, retrieves data and displays all recoverable files/folders so that users can save them at a desired location.


Important Features of Novell Data Recovery Applications

  • Recovers data from the deleted Novell partitions
  • Recovery of bad sectors
  • Recovery if Volume does not mounts
  • Recovery even if the Master Pool or Volume Leaf is deleted or corrupted in NSS
  • Recovery even if File allocations are damaged
  • Recovery from Novell deleted volumes
  • Recovery from sub-allocated Netware volumes
  • Recovery from compressed Novell files
  • Recovery from the Novell Netware volumes where "VREPAIR" failed to repair the volumes
  • Full support to data recovery from IDE, EIDE, SCSI and SATA drives
  • Recovery if Novell Operating system is corrupted
  • Easily Recovers inaccessible and lost data from compressed files and directories
  • Featured with advanced heuristic algorithm to recover data from Novell Server and Clients
  • Option to “Preview” and “Save” recovery once the files get recovered
  • Availability of a free demo version
  • Performs recovery in simple steps


Available with a FREE trial version, Novell recovery applications, including Novell Data Recovery and NSS Data Recovery allows users to analyze the performance of utility before purchase. Users can recover and preview the files using trial edition. However, to save any recovered data, users must purchase complete Novell Data Recovery Software.


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